Insecurity: South East Youths call for concerted efforts, partnership

Insecurity: South East Youths call for concerted efforts, partnership

The Coalition of South East Youth Leaders, COSEYL, the umbrella body of all the youth organizations in the South East zone yesterday called on Nigerians including politicians and those with the requisite experience in the area of Security to come together and chart a new course towards tackling the security challenges facing the Nation.

The group, in a statement signed by Hon. Goodluck Egwu Ibem, President General and Comrade Kanice Igwe, Secretary General alleged that Nation’s problems was basically internal as it is coming from States and Local Government Areas of the country.

The statement read: “It is no longer a secret that almost all the states in Nigeria are currently faced with one form of security challenge or the other. From terrorism to banditry and to kidnapping, no single state within Nigeria is without any form of criminality or insecurity.

“The issue of security is undoubtedly the primary duty and responsibility of any government to its citizens and no progress significant or otherwise can be recorded without guarantee of security. It behoves the needful is done since it follows that security is a collective task.

“The current security state of Nigeria is not a task one person, even the military top brass alone can handle. Intelligence sharing, technical and logistical support, increased funding and financial support will, no doubts, go along way in remedying Nigeria’s predicament but will not be enough to address her security woes.

“The kind of violence confronting us today is largely from non-state actors; internecine warfare, largely. While funding and logistics are vital and still part of the main, the place of experience cannot be gainsaid. It is here that Senator Theodore Ahamefula Orji comes into the Nigerian security picture so well. Experience is vital in any human affairs and much so in the area of security. Today in the United States, Britain and other developed democracies, military strategy has been sought from the hands of veterans, active and retired politicians and strategic scholars in military and war discipline including security experts to navigate through the woods of insecurity. Nigeria should not be any different.

“Variously, angry calls have – in the past and present times – been made by political oppositions; by the media (through releases, feature and opinion articles); by civil society and advocacy groups all demanding the immediate relief of various service chiefs. To this end, the president (commander in chief of armed forces) has upbraided his service chiefs calling their best not “good enough” but what largely remains undone in tackling the problem is consultation, especially with men of experience outside those with military training and background.

“As governor of Abia state, Senator Theodore Ahamefula Orji was faced with challenges of insecurity ranging from kidnapping to even armed robbery. Theodore Orji at that time was able to deploy both local and national intelligence infrastructure to curb the ugly situation. School children, owners of businesses and captains of industries were preyed upon by a cliquish group led by one Osisikankwu, a notorious kidnap kingpin. With collaboration of federal government of the day, governor Orji was able to see the end of men like ChinChon and Osisikankwu, both ringleaders of heist, organized crime and kidnap gangs!

“Security, we believe, is never beyond Nigeria and can never be the exclusive preserve of any group but all. Recently, the army chief, General Tukur Burutai, in a seeming hapless response said Nigeria can only overcome her security challenges if Nigerians are willing. Even though on a surface his position seemed out of place but if Nigerians with experience are brought in the picture better milestone could be reached. What is happening in Southern Kaduna, Benue, Borno and by extension other parts of the country can be best managed if experienced people the calibre of Senator T. A. Orji are brought in.

“Southern Kaduna, Benue, Nasarawa and Katsina are all parts of Nigeria and deserve national support in times like this. The picture of things presently does not tell well about what would be our Post Covid-19 economy. In addition to dwindling oil price occasioned by the virus, investors, in a rash and sudden flight seem to be leaving Nigeria for a more secure clime. Businesses, economies (whether micro or macro scale) thrive best in atmosphere of relative calm and peace.

“The wealth of experience of people like Theodore Orji which addressed similar problems in Abia by 2009-11 could be a great national security asset. There is need to build a national framework for security dialogue with people like Senator Orji. We call on all Nigerian governors presently facing insecurity to see wisdom in partnering with Senator T. A. Orji in this regard so that we, as a nation, can progress collectively.

“What is bedeviling the nation is basically an internal problem coming from within the states and local government within. If the security architecture of the day is built to enhance local policing and intelligence we would be better off today. And let us come to it, not only the governors of the states known as flashpoints can tackle and combat this monster alone.

“For the good of the nation, there has to be a conversation presence of which should have men like Senator T. A. Orji, that way – in addition to increased funding of our security agencies and more – we shall be advancing to victory.”

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