The chief liaison officer to the senator representing Abia central senatorial zone Mr. Ifeanyi Umere has taken a swipe on a board of trustees member of the All Progressives Congress Prince B. B Apugo over comments he allegedly made against his principal Senator T. A Orji.

In a rejoinder released by Mr Umere and sent to Abia PulseNews, he described the Ibeku born politician as a spent force.

I have been inundated with phone calls today of very frightening frequency; quite overwhelming indeed replete with complaints from listeners overrun, overburdened and besieged by the alarmingly unprintable, outrageous, comments and thoughts too offensive or shocking to be published by Prince B. B. Apugo, Ochiagha/Oparaukwu Ibeku; aired on Flo 94.9 FM this morning.

I say it is unprintable because if you describe something that someone has said or done as as unprintable, you mean that it is so rude and shocking that you do not want to say exactly what it was…unspeakable and offensively lamentable.

The reactions I got were right and some very right; some were positive and some negative. Some were humongous while others were sophisticated or crude.

All the reactions point to a single direction. Which is that B. B. Apugo is a Spent Force and should not only be ignored but forgotten or written off outrightly. In summation, Prince B. B. Apugo, Enough is Enough of all the grandstanding; Abians know Chief (Prince) B. B. Apugo and should expect more of his shenanigans in the days ahead. But they all will fail colossally as usual.

Of all his wilful destruction was his struggle to blackmail the person, personality and towering stature of His Excellency, Most Distinguished Senator T. A. Orji, CON, Ochendo Abia, Governor Abia State 2007 – 2015. A second term serving Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, who has given most of his productive life to active National Service now at the echelon of legislative duties to our fatherland.

Lacking in every good reason or line of thought, and for obvious want of what to say, B. B. Apugo made open mockery of himself, consistently failing to provide answers to direct questions posed to him in English by the Media Crew and instead of taking such questions in English as they were framed, he resorted to insults and chose to answer in vernacular and native Ibeku dialect thinking that would lower the esteem and pedigree of the former governor and serving Senator.

Not only did he not know what to say contextually, but he also failed to express himself in couched common grammar sentences. This is a man whose whole life as been full of controversies upon controversies most times very avoidable controversies…this is sad and a pity. This is a man whose integrity quenches everyone’s appetite. A man lacking in everything to be desired both at home and elsewhere. A man whose own biological son has threatened to invoke deities of the land upon him for denying him genuine paternity; having abandoned him and his mother while he was only seven years to their fate. A man docked for fraud bothering on the National Theatre Iganmu Lagos. A man whose only business is forcibly grabbing plots of land from men and women living or dead and especially widows.
Even today, in the said interview, in which he claimed was to celebrate his new yam festival, B. B. Apugo failed to say anything good about the political party in which he holds BOT Membership.

Rather he jested that all Political Appointments given to Abians in Abuja are petty-petty and yeye-yeye appointments signifying nothing. He exhibited his political tatarism and naivety when he boasted that he single handedly brought Alex Oti of APGA to APC to come and take over as the next Governor of Abia State in 2023.

This is the state of mind of a man whose mates in other climes are revered and referred as statesmen. Although all he coughed out this morning were his personal opinion, Ibeku sons and daughters still feel very ashamed and embarrassed that someone they had loved and respected could mock them to their face with this absurdity of anthropological asphyxia. He is a spent force signifying senility and dementia.


Ifeanyi Umere
Chief Liaison Officer 

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