Ndukwe Ikoh: a Man with Planks in his Eyes

Ndukwe Ikoh: a Man with Planks in his Eyes…

I will continue to appreciate the importance of social media in Nigeria. It has exposed many to ridicule. Some adults we erroneously thought were intelligent have fallen short of such expectation thereby exposing the shallowness of their reasoning and bringing same to limelight.

Nothing is more shameful than having a self acclaimed APC stalwart accuse a PDP Government of lacking in vision. It’s either Ndukwe Ikoh is high on some banned substance or, he is as usual, out of touch with happenings in the country.

Ndukwe Ikoh should summon courage and call out the APC led Federal Government for subjecting Nigerians to the worst hardship ever experienced in the country.

Firstly, it’s the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and his team that determine the structure of the economy through proper implementation of both fiscal and monetary policies. Whereby the President and his team have failed in that regard, an Ndukwe Ikoh who prides himself as a stalwart of APC should be worried and hide his face in shame.

On Infrastructure in Abia State, Ndukwe failed to properly blame the Federal Government for failing to repair federal roads that make up over 80% of bad roads in Abia.

When he mentioned roads, he should have known that the road he uses from Umuahia to his home town Okon Ohafia, either through Bende or Abiriba are classified as federal roads of which State Government is not permitted to reconstruct without a permission from the Federal Government.

Till date, the Federal Government is yet to refund the State Government for number of repairs done on federal roads in Abia. Resources available to the State will rather be utilized on internal roads in the State. In that regard, Ikpeazu has delivered more number of roads than majority of his counterparts across the country. It’s on record that he has over 100 roads to his credit.

On the general well being, I can forgive Ndukwe Ikoh. From information available, he ventured into a field he knows nothing about. He needs only a lecture in elementaryary economics to understand that only Federal Government can use policies to reduce prices of goods and services so that the People’s sufferings will be ameliorated.

Unless he is trying so hard to please APC for an appointment, majority of his party men are ashamed to dance in the public arena the way he has done to avoid being lynched by citizens who are blaming them for selling a bad market to Nigerians.

Ikoh is a notable electoral failure who is in good company in Abia APC with people of similar electoral credentials. He has tried many times to get electoral value through the polls but was shamefully humiliated each time he tried. His failure to hoodwink innocent Abians, like he is trying so hard but futilely now to do, for votes must have added to his woes.

A simple question to Mr Ikoh is this, in 2023, what will his party the APC be telling Nigerians?
If Ikoh understands the true meaning of rudderless, he should be worried that Buhari presented a deficit budget for 2021 that will be solely financed by debts. What it means is that, there is no money available for funding the budget except through borrowing of which over 50% will go back to debt servicing.

On Security, Economy, Education, Health, infrastructure etc, APC has failed abysmally. The party only succeeded in accumulating debts through senseless borrowings. That ordinarily is what should occupy the minds of Ikoh and his ilk, not running in circles like a people in a circus just to criticize Ikpeazu’s people oriented government.

It is indeed a virtue for the Ndukwe Ikohs of this world to abide by the biblical injunction that admonishes a man with a plank in his eyes to first remove it before he can see the speck in his neighbour’s eyes.

Ikechukwu Iroha

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