Following recent surge in number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 globally, Government has directed full relaunch of preventive and control measures in order to mitigate the effect of the pandemic on the people of Abia State.

In view of the foregoing citizens and residents in the State are advised to take personal responsibility for their protection and that of their loved ones by adhering to the following Covid-19 protocols in the State:

  1. Abians must continue to observe social distance, regular hand washing, compulsory use of face masks and hand sanitizers.
  2. As it were, Government directs immediate re-instatement of all Covid-19 protocols as it affects religious activities in the State.
  3. All Covid-19 Market Committees must breast up to the new challenge and ensure strict compliance to the Covid-19 protocols in all our markets in the State.
  4. Transporters must ensure that government directives on number of passengers and use of face masks by both driver and passengers are strictly adhered to.
  5. Abians are by this notice further reminded that use of face masks is compulsory for all and sundry in the State.
  6. Going forward, burial events must be carried out in line with COVID-19 protocols with respect to provision of running waters, hand sanitizers, use of face masks and social distancing.
  7. All Eateries and Hospitality industries including Hoteliers must ensure full compliance with approved protocols at their various centres/premises.
  8. ABSIEC is to ensure that the forthcoming December 18, 2020 Local Government elections in the State are conducted within the strictest rules of Covid-19 protocols and all TC Chairmen of the 17 Local Government Councils must ensure strict compliance to this directive.

In order to ensure full compliance with the protocols for preventions and protection of Ndi Abia, Government has directed that Commissioner for Home Land Security, Prince Dan Okoli head the Compliance Enforcement Team in the State. The team has been charged to liaise with relevant security agencies, market and transport unions and Transition Committee Chairmen of the various LGs to set up a watertight team that will ensure that NCDC guidelines are obeyed across the State at all times.

On a happy note, Government assures that arrangements have been concluded to ensure that as soon as the Covid-19 vaccine is available in the country, Abians will be the first in line to receive.

Government reassures that no resident or citizens of Abia State will be left behind as it would soon inaugurate State Advisory Committee on the quick distribution of the vaccinesstarting from the most vulnerable persons in the State.

Finally, Government wishes to remind Ndi-Abia and all those returning to the State for the yuletide that our molecular laboratories are very well in operation and they should call at any of the laboratories in Aba and Amachara for Covid-19 test to confirm their status. Government further reminds Ndi-Abia that community testing is still ongoing and our medical protocol team are in place to nurse any positive case back to good health.

Secretary to Abia State/Chairman Inter-Ministerial
Committee on Covid-19

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