In a bid to maintain a strong and a healthy life void of chemicals, Centre for Natural and Alternative Medicine, Gregory University, Uturu, Organize a day Seminar titled “REJUVENATION”.

The seminar which was held at Justice Izima Chamber, Gregory University Uturu, enlightens the University community especially those between sixty years and above on the use of herbs and roots in treating different kinds of sickness.

The deputy Vice Chancellor Professor Evaristus Anyaehie, while declaring the seminar open said that herbs are good for curing diseases. “God made herbs for us to use in curing diseases, but due lack of knowledge we perish. I believe that if we go back to history we will discover that our forefathers used roots and herbs to tackle all kinds of challenges they encountered. As a university that wants to make a difference, we have devoted time to research and bring to the fore the importance of herbs. During the covid-19 induced lock down, our university produced a lot of anti coronavirus drugs using harbs”, he said.

The Vice Chancellor, Professor Augustine Uwakwe, who spoke on the topic “FOOD THAT CAN HANDLE SICKLE CELL ANEMIA” stressed that his over 25 years of research about herbs have taught him their effectiveness in curing diseases. He said that tiger-nut, nutria-C fruits, cucumbers, coconut water, vegetables, are very good for sickle cell patients. “Conversely, if you want to kill a sickle cell patient easily, give him/her foods preserved with sodium benzoic, egusi soup, achi soup, lemon, lime.” He added.

The Professor of Medical Biochemistry, further encouraged the University Community and the general public to eat healthy foods and use herbs as an alternative medicine in treating diseases, “God authorized man to use herbs to cure various sickness”. He concluded.

Director Center for Natural and Alternative Medicine, Dr. Tom Okpuisi, said that, they do not out rightly condem autodox medicine, they, however, believe that nature has all the answers to human problems. He maintained that the secret to long healthy life was adherence to nature, ” when herbs are mentioned, people have the impression of harbalist, no that’s not supposed to be so. Harbs if properly used can rejuvenate you”, he said.

The Directorate of Natural and Alternative Medicine of Gregory University Uturu, had organized a one month training for persons above sixty (60) years on the use of harps to cure ailments like high blood pressure, high blood sugar, prostrate, fibroid, arthritis among other old age related ailments. “The importance of this teaching was to make you take charge of your health, nobody can take care of you more than yourself. So we urge you to take what you learned in the training seriously and ensure you practice what you are thought”. He stressed.

Some of the trainee, testified that since they began practising some of what they were thought at the one month training, there are much positive difference in their health situation. They asked the Directorate and the Management to expand the study to accommodate people from outside the University community, maintaining that it would go along way to reduce sickness and improve the general economy of the Abia state in particular and Nigeria at large.

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