Following his track records in the legislature, Sen. Effiong Bob stands tall as one who is still competent to right the wrongs of the present day ill legislature. As you may have noticed, the days where the Nigerian legislature recorded the best of bills, intellectual arguments and oversight functions were the days of the Nsit Ubium Senator.

Like we know, governance requires experience and experience is one thing Effiong Bob has loaded like a truck of goods. From his days as a Councilor to the period he sat as a Legislator, Local Government Chairman, Attorney General, Commissioner for Justice and Senator; the noble statesman has garnered the best of experience and would be the most trusted hand for the future.

Moreso, his long legs and hands, courtesy of these experiences are sure to get the State the needed collaborations and partnerships for the desired Akwa Ibom. We can be sure of this!

Leadership at its core, is about service, not taking credit. This is one of the ideals of the humble Uniben Pro Chancellor whose humanitarian activities exist in leaps and bounds but prefers to act unanimous in his charitable doings.

Truth be told, good leaders are empathetic and Sen. Bob is that typical example. He is one who seeks to understand challenges and ways to collaborate to craft solutions, investigate to understand the root causes of disruption or conflict while putting himself into another’s shoes.

If given a chance, the learned gentleman would prove himself as that missing piece of the present puzzle of quality governance and leadership.

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