Sen Effiong Bob, The Lion Of Akwa Ibom Politics

Sen Effiong Bob, The Lion Of Akwa Ibom Politics

A Lion is a symbol of strength, bravery and courage and has been celebrated throughout history for these characteristics. This revered creature is also a symbol for royalty and stateliness, hence the phrase ‘king of the jungle’.

Ancient Egyptians venerated lions as their war deities due to their strength, power and fierceness. The famous sphinxes are just one of many mythical depictions of the lion in Egyptian culture.

In Akwa Ibom state, the symbolism of lion is amplified in the state emblem, representing courage, boldness, dignity and authority, as analyzed by Mboutidem Ukpe, the designer of the emblem.

As true as this sound, there’s equally a man who is a symbol of bravery, strength, courage and authority, a dignified figure from Nsit Ubium extraction, christened Effiong Bob. The two term senator who started as a councillor, rose through rungs of political ladder, to where he is today, has become a force to reckon with as far as politics is concerned in Nsit Ubium, and by extension Akwa Ibom.

We all know that truth is always bitter, and there’s nothing one can do about it since that’s how it tastes in the tongues of many. No major political decision is taken in Nsit Ubium without his consent. That strength is not a product of manipulation, but earned as a result of his personality, choices and ladder he has given to many to access the top overtime.

It was such bravery and courage, that distinguished sen. Effiong Bob used as the then state’s attorney general during Obong Victor Attah’s administration to push through with the governor, the onshore/offshore oil dichotomy and resource control. It was a tough fight, but the strength, boldness and stamina of a lion was all that was needed, and you know how it ended. That fight was against the powers that be from the center, and the chicken hearted couldn’t stand the battle, but sen. Bob and Gov. Attah stood still, took the battle to the forefront, amidst federal intimidation and executive dragon fire, and won at last.

Sen. Effiong Bob is one name that resonates fear in the camp of the enemies of the state. He doesn’t support evil, and will always stand up to fight what is not in the best interest of the state.

He is a detribalised leader and one who knows how to resolve crisis. His charisma and wealth of experience are great assets he normally employ in talking to parties in a conflict. Hence, he is peace personified, and a symbol of unity.

As a lion in politics, he is always calm, unintimidated and a go-getter. Lions seldom miss their targets because they take time to focus and plan before taking any action. They rarely lose in a fight, because winning a fight is in the heart, and not the muscles that men see. If you peruse his track records, you will understand that sen. Bob is an ordained winner, and this time will not be an exemption. Once a lion is a lion forever.

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