Penultimate Saturday there was a panoply of glitz and gratitude as Hon.KC Onuzurike, member representing Ohuhu Constituency in ABHA feted his subjects on a grand rendezvous.
South African hero,Nelson Mandela opined thus….
“There can be no greater gift than that giving one’s time and energy to help others without expecting in return”
Unarguably, Hon.KC has given out his time,energy resources and goodwill for the betterment of his constituents.
The writer deliberately deferred this article so as to ascertain these developmental projects alluded to him personally.
But lo and behold the painstaking revelations confirmed all to be true.

His intervention glories include:
*Erection of 4 classroom blocks at Umungbokwo,Isingwu.
*Establishment of oil and cassava processing factory at Umuire.
*Erection of 4 classroom blocks at Okaiuga Nkwoegwu.
*Renovation of the Ohuhu market cynosure:Nkwoegwu market.
*Completion of Umuawa civic hall.
*Establishment of Skills Acquisition facility at Ofeme.
*Construction of 4 room classroom block at Umuezoma.
*Renovation of the Customary Court,Okaiuga.
And the beat goes on……
The beauty of these landmark achievements lies on the geographical spread.
Eme nwata dika emere ibe ya obi adiya nma.No wonder,Hon.KC has richly endeared himself in the hearts of his constituents.

His other humanitarian leverages is a story for another day.He has intervened financially in the affairs of his people via cash hand-outs,empowerment schemes,scholarships,skill acquisition programs etc.He has always been at the front seat driving the vehicle of compassion and empathy to his expectant constituents.
A sure mark of a great man is how far and well he was able to influence his generation positively,l think Sir KC Onuzurike had really made his mark.
He can equally go the whole hog to use his position to work convert Nkwoegwu to a daily market as the structures are there. That will also enhance the economic potentials and viability of our dear Ugaland.
By so doing our great Nkwoegwu market can favourably compare with the Ogwumabiris and other surrounding markets.
Florence Luscomb said….
“There is no limit to what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit”
You have accomplished much and a lot to need to be done to your eternal credit.

Nwaiwu Stanley Chukwuma
Nkata Okpuala
Okaiuga Nkwoegwu.

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