All may not have been heard on why refuse dumps in the capital city of Umuahia mounted seemingly unabated as our investigations reveal that youths of the community wherein the final disposal site is located in Umuahia North took over the area, demanding settlement of an undisclosed amount from government.

Refuse had mounted in the past couple of days owing to unforseen circumstances which raised eyebrows in the city as well as the question, if the new management has ran out of ideas on how to clean up the city.

ASEPA has over the past four months worked round the clock to achieve a clean environment, an assignment which has brought up flooding accolades to the General Manager, Hon. Eze Okwulehie because of the resolve to rid the capital city of refuse.

At a point, residents took to the social media to draw the attention of the General Manager to the return of heaps of refuse at all the dumbs in the city even as this approach seem to have drawn a battle line as residents across the divide tried to rightly put the issue on the right perspective.

Hon. Okwulehie had while reacting to the development promised residents that the the heaps of refuse across the capital city will be carted away before forty eight hours, blaming the development on unforseen circumstances, but which has been addressed, appropriately.

The GM had commended residents who through their calls or comments showed true concern over the reappearance of mounts of refuse in the city as well as its attendant consequences and assured that under his watch, the city will remain clean, green and healthy at all times.

As at the time of this report, Hon. Okwulehie has released compactors and roll off trucks into the city even as all hands are on deck by field workers to ensure the city returns to a clean and healthy environment as promised by the ASEPA GM.

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