Umunne’m ndi Ohuhu, mma ma nu.

We are compelled to bring to the Ohuhu public space certain developments that have for sometime now remained a nascent threat to the new momentum of peace, unity and progress evolving across Ohuhu land.

1.) Since the inception of the current administration of our Welfare Union, Ohuhu has continued to enjoy an incremental atmosphere of love, peace and unity.

2.) This is partly owing to the deliberate pursuit of a policy of inclusiveness and cooperation among the different organs of the Union, particularly the Council of Ohuhu Traditional Rulers, the Elders Council, the Women and Youth wings by the Exco respectively.

3.) We must also mention that we have been greatly encouraged by the invaluable advise and unflinching support of the Union’s former Presidents General, the Diaspora Leadership and Communities across the world and the varied local Ohuhu groups.

4.) This has been in the face of continued attempts by a handful of our Traditional Rulers to desecrate this new reawakening of the Ohuhu spirit.

5.) There has been unrelenting efforts to restrain the Exco and our development initiatives on false claims that collectively, Ndị Eze Ohuhu are the apex adminstrative governing organ of the Ohuhu people and therefore, the Welfare Union lacks the right of way to take on some social-development initiatives.

6.) We have in some instances also been faced with arguments as to the legality of the Council of Ohuhu Elders and why the Union should not accord any recognition to that respected body.

7.) Presently, the union had in the past two weeks given indication of our intention to organise a bouquet of sociocultural activities marking our Home Coming event at the end of the year – to be capped by a our first ever common Ekpe festival.

8.) In response, this tendentious group have again risen with whispers and insinuations aimed at blackmailing the President General and Exco with the desire to cause a breach of trust and disharmony.

9.) This situation has become extremely frustrating to the Exco and we are bringing it into the open for the Ohuhu people to resolve before we are forced into a set back in our unity, peace and progress and development strides.

10.) On our part as the Exco, we feel humbled by the privilege given to us to serve Ohuhu land. We are therefore committed to being focused on our constitutional mandates and not falter, or be distracted by any persons bent on becoming a cog in the wheel of the Union or Ohuhu’s progress.

11.) The Home Coming activities in perspective is novel and has never been done on this scale before.

This is designed to be an annual Ohuhu carnival and will kick off a day before with annual general prayers, pageants, cooking competition; wrestling and football tournaments, books and business fair displays; and a journey into the reawakening of some dying Ohuhu music and entertainment cultures, including an ekpe dance to flag-off that of the different communities.

12.) To achieve this, an organizing steering committee will be raised at the appropriate time to plan, consult and engage all the relevant institutions and stakeholders and adhere to all cultural protocols to ensure the achievement of a successful event that everyone will be a part of the process.

13.) As the President General, let me restate once again, that I and my Exco are humbled by the trust of the Ohuhu people and are therefore committed to seflessly serving Ohuhu with our time, resources and talents with utmost fidelity, transparency and accountability.

14.) It would therefore help if the intimidation and blackmail of my person and members of the Exco by a handful of Ndi Eze is halted forthwith.

15.) Let me remphasise the Union’s utmost respect and regard for our Traditional Rulers Council and again solicit their continued cooperation in our march towards unifying and securing Ohuhu’s name in the committee of progressive and advanced societies in Igbo land.

Ya mara onye Ohuhu obula nma na aha, Jesus. Amen.

Obi Aguocha,
(Udo ji Agu Ohuhu)
PG Ohuhu welfare Union, Worldwide.

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