Effiong Bob Remains Upbeat against Smear Campaigns

“The degree of popularity one has attained is directly proportional to the inaccuracy of gossips spread about them” – anonymous.

People act in ignorance a lot of times without knowing that their supposed implication is that singular push needed to give their supposed victim the requisite consideration and attention. The story is not different for Sen. Effiong Bob who’s been in the news lately on account of a false allegation.

Inasmuch as the publication was indeed a fabrication of pure untruth, the fact is that the Senator from Nsit Ubium was brought to the fore and his political intentions made known to all and sundry, even beyond the coast of the State.

However, Effiong Bob is not known for controversies, challenges and confrontations. As such, the publication lost its credibility for trying to make sales out of something inexistent. Those who know Sen. Bob can attest to his peaceful, quiet and humble disposition even in the face of trials.

All he desires is the privilege to consolidate on the attainment of the present administration; the opportunity to further the course of a productive Akwa Ibom and the trust to steer the affairs of the State to fulfillment.

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