Sen. Effiong Bob: The hero of Akwa Ibom Judiciary

Sen. Effiong Bob: The hero of Akwa Ibom Judiciary

The strength of every government is its judicial arm. This arm of government ensures the implementation of policies and laws after they have been enacted and made laws.

When allowed and empowered to function, the Judiciary serves as a strong defense to the government, ensures total compliance and subjection, while acting as a voice to voiceless members of the society. But when stifled, the Judiciary loses its place and government loses its aura, simultaneously.

In view of the incessant denials and deprivals of the judiciary’s rights by government, leading to its inability to function as required, one would agree that the confidence formerly reposed in the judiciary is fast receding.

Looking back at the days when Sen. Effiong Bob was the law officer of the State, one would agree to him being the square peg which fitted the round loopholes in the then Judiciary.

At the inception of the civil democratic rule in 1999, Bob who was appointed the State’s ninth Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice met with an industrial crisis (one similar to that of today) which eventually became the catalyst needed to engender the much-desired reform in the administration of justice, vis-a-viz the welfare of workers. Without delay, Effiong Bob took on the challenge and within 6 months, restored industrial harmony with motivating welfare packages ranging from pecuniary issues to educational, capacity building, skill-improvement and job-status enhancement.

A firm believer in the supremacy of the courts, as well as the sanctity of the law, he worked diligently to obtain approval not only for the establishment of the Federal High Court in Uyo, but also the sitting right for the holding of sessions in Uyo by the Court of Appeal. These two achievement, have brought great financial relief to litigants in the state whose cases might have been taken further to higher courts located elsewhere outside the state in the course of search for justice.

Prior to this time, such litigants were compelled to travel to Calabar, Port Harcourt or Enugu with the risks involved in cost, time and safety on the roads.

Sen. Bob is also noted in history as being the lead voice for the abrogation of the onshore-offshore dichotomy, a political argument which sought to restrict coastal states to onshore oil revenue and establish exclusive control over offshore income from oil and other natural resources.
The story of Bob’s tenure as Attorney General will not be complete without mention of the “landmark” he has bequeathed the judiciary and by extension the people of Akwa Ibom State. Considered the footprint of his achievements in the Judiciary, the serial collation and publication of Laws of Akwa Ibom State is the record legacy he has to his credit.

Following these record-breaking achievements, it is valid to state that the Nsit Ubium Senator is experienced and capable of leading Akwa Ibom State in higher callings as the esteemed seat of Governor come 2023.

A man of solid experience and proven years of selfless service, Sen. Effiong Bob is the sure bet for 2023.

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