Nigerians will recall that our movement have earlier this year describe current state of PDP as filtration stage preceeded with massive bombardment with heating to dissolve all her content for purification and refining so that the party can come our new with more pro masses ideological drive to rescue Nigeria from the misrule of APC.

It’s no doubt for those with understanding of this political chemistry that only fine entities both in character and content will make it to next phase of this process as those whose bad character such as hypocrisy, sycophancy and inconsistencies can’t make it , they must either be consumed by the heating temperature and melt or excape from the fold of only they allergic to refining.

Today’s news of Mr. Femi Fani Kayode decamping to APC Is never a thing of worrry rather a celebration and good development for PDP, it’s our prayer that all other bad eggs under the Umbrella party exit, so the party can be completely free of corrupt unrefined entities, they are the virus in the PDP fold who have all the opportunities in the past courtesy of the party platform to make Nigeria great but failed in all ramifications.

One will imagine the like of Mr Fani Kayode who was one time Minister of Aviation though is a position he got on family pedigree not personal and spokes person of PDP presidential campaign, in as much as nothing tangible was achieved under him, we must understand Mr Femi who heavily criticized APC/ Buhari led Administration with a PUblic Statement “ I rather die than to join APC or Bow to Buhari” this kind of person is undebatable man of zero value, integrity and Zero self respect, it’s sycophantic and hypocritical of an adult, a father figure to speaks with both sides of the mouth. it look as if Mr FEMI lamentation all this while are base on his non inclusion in the sharing and mismanagement of Nigeria resources and never because of Nigeria masses who are at the receiving end of all bad policies of APC including anti people and anti press ones.

We as youth of the PDP are indeed happy that one of the major virus in our party have exited, this further project our party more healthy, virus free and safe to lead Nigeria to promise land as we have successfully exited all corrupt elements, sycophants and hypocrites in the party.

We hope Mr. FANI will be pronounce saint in coming days while his corruption case in court be drop as usual which has been the ways and negotiation modalities of the ruling party to attract opposition members to her fold.

Nigeria will by now confirm that APC is never a progressive party rather an assembly of past suspected criminals .

Nigerians shouldn’t hesitate to retire this suspects who are camouflaging as progressive from power come 2023 for the refined PDP to take power, unite the nation and set the country back to the path of economic and political stability.


Engr S A Lukman
PDP National Youth Movement

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