Cheap popularity and playing to the gallery, fuelled by political desperation has become the stock in trade for some politicians in Abia State today.

Perennially they use every little opportunity for grandstanding and vain glory, continuously fanning the embers of their desperate inordinate political ambitions albeit cunningly, brainwashing the gullible.

Abians has become objects of caricature and mockery in the hands of these desperate politicians whose only intention is to lay a strangle hold on our patrimony and continue milking the state.

Few days ago, Abians woke up to a press release signed by the Secretary to the state government, directing the commissioner for works to resume palliative work on Ekeakpara road leading to NNPC depot in Osisioma by Tuesday 14th December.

Boom, Enyinnaya Nwafor, son of former deputy Governor of Abia state and CEO of Tunnel End Construction Co. Ltd, the contractor that handled the failed Ntigha Umuaro Road, Mgboko Umuanunu road, saw it as an opportunity for cheap popularity.

Nana Nwafor as fondly called by those whose wares he has become, took cameramen and started a photoshoot on the road, claiming to have started palliative job on a road that has remained impassable right under his nose for years, he only woke up immediately government directed ministry of works to commence work on the said road.

Much as Abians value community and appreciate public service, it is right to put things in proper perspective so that we do not deceive Abians!

Abians would want to Ask Enyinnaya Nwafor and His handlers.

Did Government contract Enyinnaya Nwafor’s Tunnel End Construction Co Ltd for the palliative work on Ekeakpara road?

Is Tunnel End the contractor handling the palliative work as directed by the government?

If Yes, why did he have to personalize the job and has continued to use it to score cheap political point, doing photo and video shoot on the road, even before the palliative job began?

If No, why will he enter the road and allegedly start palliative works few hours after Government gave directive to the ministry of works go to site?

Abians should be wary of these kind of elements who are the same set of people who grounded the state.

Take your time and read this article from Wilfred Chidiebere you will understand why characters like Enyinnaya Nwafor should not be taken serious:

Tunnel End Construction Company: How Compromised Construction Companies are Underdeveloping Abia

By Wilfred Chidiebere

Ordinarily, it would have been heartwarming that indigenous contractors are awarded contracts to construct roads in Abia State because as stakeholders in the state, one would have thought that they will perform creditably well seeing that this is also their place of origin, but the greedy ones among them who cut corners and compromise quality just to rip off the state in the hope of being re-awarded the same roads several times, and this have left a sour taste in the mouth of Abians and soiled the image of other upright contractors.

For instance, Tunnel End Construction Co. Ltd owned by Engr Enyinnaya Nwafor which was awarded the Ntigha Umuaro Road, Mgboko Umuanunu Autonomous Community in Obingwa LGA, the road that leads to Akwa Ibom State, did a shoddy job that has failed in under just two years. This is a great disservice not only to the Governor who is left to bear the brunt of the sharp practices by such a contractor but also ultimately the people who daily lament that Tunnel End should have just left their road untouched rather than (de)construct and leaving it in its current abysmally bad condition.

The lame excuse by apologists of Tunnel End claiming that the road failed so quickly because it was a Trunk C road that is being used as a Trunk A road with heavy duty vehicles pilling the kind of pressure it was not meant to bear on it is not only irresponsible but also insulting to Abians, a balderdash indeed!

If Tunnel End meant well for the State especially those who use that road regularly to transport goods and services, he had two options before him: he should have insisted on constructing the road to meet the standards of a Trunk A road since that is the burden the road had been bearing even before its construction work was awarded. Enyinnaya Nwafor knew this but chose to misadvise government for his own selfish purposes. Or, even if it must be constructed as a Trunk C road which Tunnel End apologists want us to believe, the simple and sensible thing the construction company should have done if it meant well was to build barriers at both ends of the road to ensure that only vehicles meant to ply the road use it in exclusion of heavy duty vehicles. This way, the claim that the road failed because of pressures from heavy duty vehicles would not have arisen in the first place. This is how it is done even in Enugu our neighbouring state. But, no! Because of greed and the insatiable desire by such companies as Tunnel End to always want to shortchange the State by having the same roads awarded and re-awarded to them several times, they create high sounding excuses for failure and attempt to vainly explain away their greed and gross incompetence in the hope that Abians would swallow their evil dish of lies hook, line and sinker…READ MORE:

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