Ohuhu Welfare Union Debunks Endorsement, advise Ndi Ohuhu, to Be More Circumspect in Their Political Interactions, Pronouncements as We Journey Towards 2023 Elections.



23rd January, 2022.

Ndị Ohuhu, Ma mma.

The attention of the Union has been drawn to a pronouncement of a purported political endorsement of the Ohuhu people regarding the Speaker of the Abia State House of Assembly, Rt.Hon Engr. Chinedum Orji on his governorship aspiration, by some Ohuhu citizens in the name of Ohuhu Political Stakeholders.

The Union is also aware of the outcry against this action by a cross section of Ohuhu citizens led by, Mr Ndubuisi Ojimadu who feel strongly offended by such pre- emptive pronouncement.

The Union wishes to state clearly:

1.) That, Ohuhu Welfare Union Worldwide, is the Apex and only body mandated by Ndi Ohuhu, to speak for Ndi Ohuhu.

2.) That the group known as Ohuhu political stakeholders, is not an arm or organ of the Ohuhu Welfare Union Worldwide and is therefore not speaking for ndi Ohuhu.

3.) That Whereas the political group under reference and any other groups may have their right of expression, and right to support any political aspirant of their choice, they can only do so within the ambit of their political party and groups, without the latitude of speaking for, or claiming to speak for Ndi Ohuhu.

4.) We restate again that the mandate to speak for Ndi Ohuhu lies with the Ohuhu Welfare Union Worldwide, solely and absolutely.

5.) That the Ohuhu Welfare Union Worldwide was not represented at the said event and will ordinarily not be part of such a political gathering.

6.) The Ohuhu people, through the Ohuhu Welfare Union Worldwide will naturally prioritize the political support of any or all of their own that are aspiring to run for the office of Governor of Abia State or any other elective political office in the forthcoming 2023 general elections.

7.) That it is however important to note that the political parties are at liberty to decide who to nominate as their candidates for the Governorship, and or, other elective positions; while the role of the Union is to encourage our sons and daughters to participate actively in the activities of their various political parties, so as not to be left behind in the scheme of things – while not compromising the overall interest of Ohuhu land and its people.

8.) We use this opportunity to advise ndi Ohuhu, to be more circumspect in their political interactions and pronouncements as we journey towards the 2023 elections.

May peace and unity continue to reign in Ohuhu land.

Enwereuzo Ogbonna,
Publicity Secretary, Ohuhu Welfare Union Worldwide.

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