Abia 2023 Gubernatorial Elections; FENRAD calls for Active Citizens, Demand scorecard from Elected Representatives

Immediate press Release
26th January 2022

Abia 2023 Gubernatorial Elections; FENRAD calls for Active Citizens and Demand for scorecard from Elected Representative & berated Ninth Abia House of Assembly on failure to checkmate the excess of the Executive.

For a while now, the Foundation for Environmental Rights Advocacy and Development, FENRAD, a Pro-democracy, Human and environmental rights Advocacy group has been following with keen interest the ongoing push for the recall of Hon. Uzoma Abonta, member representing Ukwa East and Ukwa West Federal Constituency at the House of Representatives.

While FENRAD does not believe in media trial, grapevine rhetorics and political manhunt, the Foundation, guided by the principles of rights, including fair hearing, insists that the process of recall once finalised be allowed to go uninterrupted so that democracy which itself is a game of popularity is served on the constituents of Hon. Uzoma Abonta. And while this is the case, there should be no room for unhealthy tirade and vitriol against the person and office of Abonta until this process is over.

Recall, said FENRAD, is one of the checks and accountability mechanisms through which constituents remove the elected legislator they feel does not represent their interest in government. While this remains the status quo, FENRAD says that more needs to be done to ensure that constituents and represented peoples elsewhere mount this kind of oversight on those elected to keep legislators on their toes.

Worried about what it perceives to be lethargy on the part of the Abia State Ninth House of Assembly, FENRAD calls on the legislative arm of the subnational government to increase its oversight functions on many projects going on in the state. FENRAD, at this point, wishes to ascertain what the position of the House is on Port Harcourt, Obohia, Uratta and Ngwa roads, being a NEWMAP project, beyond committee stage and summonses after. a legislator moved a motion last year. What has the Assembly done to unravel the true situation on ground and make known same to Abians whose taxes keep them? FENRAD, again, calls on state lawmakers to oversight failed and dragging projects like Faulks Road, the Osisioma Flyover, demolished Ariaria International and Ahiaohuru markets, and many others.

FENRAD believes that like is happening at the federal level with the constituent plan to recall a legislator. subnational constituents should be at the alert and monitor their elected representatives, including recalling them in any event of failure, it is only when this is done at all levels of government that democracy can thrive and power given to the people. Indeed, that in which the people control their representatives is democracy while anything contrary and otherwise is tyranny by the minority, FENRAD says.

Comrade Nelson Nnanna Nwafor
Executive Director
Foundation for Environmental Rights, Advocacy & Development (FENRAD)

Barr. Femisi Akande
Head corporate Accountability & Human Rights Enforcement ( FENRAD NIGERIA.

Email: fenradnigeria@yahoo.com.


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