Raymond Onyinyechi Ofoegbu: Healthy Reflections from the past (1)

Raymond Onyinyechi Ofoegbu: Healthy Reflections from the past (1)

It is no news that High Chief Raymond Onyinyechi Ofoegbu. is bracing up for the 2023 House of Assembly election. The Ofeme son who has scored weighty political points can be said to have surpassed the ingredients required of leadership, one of which is experience.

He comes on board with a bevy of what one would term as vast experience, having held the reins of leadership for decades, in several instances. But most important, is his humanitarian efforts which floods his years of experience.

One of such efforts initiated by him towards assisting the less privileged to earn a living was the strategic partnership he entered with the Ohuhu Welfare Union to fix the Okpara road including the ring roads across Ofeme Land which includes 3 autonomous communities, digitalization of secondary schools in Ohuhu and Onyinye Ohuhu humanitarian service which will train youths from the constituency to acquire different vocational skills.

He injected funds into sporting providing them with sporting facilities to enable them showcase their God given talents. High Chief Raymond Ofoegbu donated the mechanical tools to a youth whom today is distinguishing himself in that field and the multiplier effect is telling off.
Ofeme secondary technical has received the touch of this noble gentleman towards the development of the school. He was a student of some years ago from where he left to pursue his Advanced Level of education in United States of America.

Raymond Ofoegbu midas touch was highly felt in the education and socio cultural sector where he sponsored the 2021 new yam festival of Ndi Ohuhu and scholarship to 10 persons from each secondary schools in Ohuhu among senior secondary schools to encourage the study of science by students in the constituency and instituted a scholarship scheme to assist students.

These and more are his credentials portraying him as tested, trusted and preferred. High Chief Raymond Ofoegbu is a true leader with unlimited credibility. He did not fail before and won’t fail his people this time. Onyinye Ohuhu is coming!

Nwokonna Emmanuel writes from Ofeme

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