Opinion: The Reason for Ritual Killings in Nigeria

The reason for ritual killings in Nigeria

Ritual killings in Nigeria is not a far-fetched culture or system. It is not alien to our ancient system.

Nigerians are hungry and are looking for any means necessary to put food on the table. Just like the Israelites of the Bible days that ate their children due to hunger. Unfortunately that is the fate of Nigerians.

The sad reality is that we are a country blessed by God but bankrupt of the people that makes the blessing a beneficial reality. We often misplace the place of strategy to sentiment.

The question of consideration is, how can a country of a population of over 200 million people with about 43.49 percent youth population and about 17.69 percent are unemployed and roaming about the street.

Most of Nigeria’s youths are not gainfully employed which has necessitated an increase in crime rate.

Where there are no jobs and there is vibrancy in the blood of the populace, it will surely be utilized by the sanctum of aberrations.

This gift of able-bodied population must be utilized in different sectors of inventories, agriculture and mind-blowing exploration.

There is a saying that Nigeria has unemployable youths. The answer to this is, to whom is the responsibility of raising employable youths.

When we look at the generation that is coming to take key roles in the country, we can only pray for a revival in the system because the people are hungry and voracious for power but only for their selfish gains.

Another factor resulting to ritual killings in Nigeria is social media and its frustration but the truth is that social media can only frustrate a person when the basic necessities cannot be reached. What most celebrities display as wealth in Nigeria is a normal holiday fun for other developed countries.

We might have a long way to curb most of these issues but it should not give youths the rights to kill their brothers and sisters for CHEAP WEALTH.

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