Few days ago, and up until now, the Abia media space has been heated up over a statement credited to the Former Governor of Abia state and Senator Representing Abia Central Senatorial Zone HE Sen T. A Orji, wherein he was quoted to have insisted that power should return to Abia North.

The senator who has not minced words and has always announced his retirement from Active politics also urged old politicians to give way for younger people to participate and discouraged political recycling.

Since then, some fifth columnist and media crumb eaters saw it as an opportunity to sell their wares, opening their fangs to cast aspersions on the revered Elder Stateman and that we cannot condone.

I can vividly remember and I want us to cast our minds back to 2014/15 General Elections, the one many believe was won by Dr. Alex Otti, how this same set of people praised Ochendo and nearly equated him with God for refusing every entreaty, daring all odds, standing sturdily and stoically to ensure that the age long aspiration of the Ngwa Nation come to realization.

Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, the then Deputy General Manager of ASEPA was supported, equipped and surrounded by all of us until he emerged Governor against all odds.

And they Christened Ochendo, THE FATHER OF EQUITY!

It therefore beats my imagination and that of any right thinking human being that this same people can think that Ochendo will suddenly change from being the FATHER OF EQUITY to something else.

The worst and most annoying part of the whole drama is that the current supposed Ukwa la Ngwa Elders, are the same people who worked assiduously hard to ensure that the Ngwa Governor failed, but for Ochendo’s resilience.

The bitter truth is that Abia has never been polarized like it is today.

A leader should at all times lead the people on recognizable paths that will engender a convivial political atmosphere and try as much as possible to shed nepotic tendencies even when being blackmailed by your own people.

A leader should be able just like Ochendo, look everyone in the face, tell the truth, stand by it and ensure that you persuade your followers to do same.

A leader should be one with the quality opinion and who dispenses wisdom in times of rancour and division!

It takes leaders with poise, character, pedigree and stability to take the stand Ochendo has taken, not leaders who blow hot today and cold tomorrow, pandering the truth to suit their clandestine interests.

History will forever be Kind to Distinguished Senator T. A Orji for standing tall among men when it mattered most.

I am very sure he has blazed a trail many men will walk in, in the coming days.

I have just one prayer to make. May anyone reading this post not lack an Ochendo in his life, one who will speak up for you in times of absolute silence and darkness!

Long Live Senator T. A Orji
Long Live Abia State
Long Live The Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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