Breaking: Amobi Ogah Set to Dump APC for PDP

*It is no longer news that Chief Amobi Ogah has concluded arrangements to dump the APC for PDP. Chief Ogah, a true son of onuaku in Uturu-Isuikwuato Local Government Area is a known political bulldozer who is at home with everybody. He is undoubtedly, one of the most sought-after grassroots politicians in Isuikwuato and umunneochi LGAs. His popularity among the youths, the women and elders speaks eloquently of his strength of character and the huge political goodwill he brings to bear.

*It is rather surprising that Nne-who-must-rituo is sponsoring all manners of publications to warn PDP not to accept Chief Amobi Ogah (Paulli mama). If i may ask, why is Nne so concerned with Chief Amobi Ogah’s defection?, if Chief Amobi is such a weak candidate, who fails elections as she alluded in her sponsored publication; Nne should celebrate, rejoice and not whimper about having Chief ogah as a likely opponent in the 2023 Federal House of Representatives election. Whenever your opponent starts giving you advise before a competition, it signifies just two things; the opponent is offering greek gift and very much afraid of the match up (2) The opponent has lost the battle even before it started. With Chief Amobi Ogah, Nne has lost the battle before it started.

*For the records, PDP’s umbrella is large enough to accept everybody and the party is mature enough to give every member (irrespective of time of joining the party), a level playing field. Chief Amobi Ogah is and continues to be a huge political asset and not a baggage or liability. Every political party generally desires to have this young vibrant grassroots champion in their fold.

*It is out of unmitigated political jittery, fear of becoming jobless and uncontrollable “pauli mama’s” fear factor that nneRituo is scheming to halt PDP Isuikwuato/Umunneochi from fielding a strong opponent. She goes all out breaking into the ranks of PDP top brass in the Constituency in order for them to support and nominate only weaklings that will be easy for her to defeat.

*This time around, the music has changed. New young-turks are ready to battle her with only the strongest opponent and that strong opponent is Chief Amobi Ogah. Nne should quit attempting to use her contacts to halt Chief Ogah from appearing on the ballot, sponsoring of many aspirants in PDP or the use of her age-long strategy of buying PDP stakeholders in the Constituency to support weak candidate to emerge as PDP’s standard flagbearer thus; making it easy for her to keep returning back to back.

#NNERITUO your game is up this time. “Monkey smart na only when tree near tree”



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