Ohuhu Indigenes Adopt Sir Aguocha As Their Sole Candidate for Ikwuano Umuahia

Citizens of Ohuhu in Umuahia North Local Government Area, LGA, of Abia State yesterday stormed the Umuohuru Nkwoegwu residence of their President General, Sir Obi Aguocha, to ask him to declare for the Umuahia/Ikwuano House of Representatives election come 2023.

The people who came in their large numbers including the men, women groups and youths from all the 27 Autonomous communities in Ohuhu came on a mission which is to draft their President General, Supreme Chief Obi Aguocha into the House of Representatives race for Umuahia/Ikwuano Federal Constituency.

One of the leaders of the people, Chief Arthur N Nwamara, who hails from Umuda Okpuala in his address at the event said, they gathered because of something very important to Ohuhu people, which is the federal House of Representatives seat. He stated that since 1999, Ohuhu clan has not gotten the opportunity to occupy the seat, adding that they are optimistic that this time around it is the turn of Ndi Ohuhu to represent the constituency.

Chief Arthur N Nwamara, stressed that Ohuhu has agreed that it’s their turn now and that is why they came out to do the needful. According to him, the people have followed the leadership style of Sir Obi Aguocha as President General Ohuhu Welfare Union worldwide, and have come to the conclusion that he (Obi Aguocha) has shown capacity, competence and benevolence enough to the satisfaction of Ohuhu people.

He said for the first time the people of Ohuhu celebrated Iri Egwu together under Obi Aguocha’s leadership, pointing out that the President General has done so much for Ohuhu including embarking on the rebuilding of a collapsed bridge which is the first of its kind in the history of Ohuhu.

In conclusion, Chief Nwamara disclosed that “we’ve come to tell you to come and represent us at the federal house of Representatives. The little one we have sent you we are happy with the outcome and with you, so we have decided to send you to go further and represent us at Abuja because you have all that it takes, the capacity, everything and we want you to accept our proposal to be our candidate who will represent us”, he pleads.

Other groups that spoke include the women and the youths, who said they came to deliver a message to the President General from Ndi Ohuhu, that he (Obi Aguocha) should declare his interest in the House of Representatives election because he is the choice candidate of Ndi Ohuhu. They maintained that Ohuhu has adopted him as their candidate hence he should immediately throw his hat into the ring with their support.

Responding to his peoples’ request, Sir Obi Aguocha, who holds the title of Ogwumabiri Umuahia and Udo Ji Agu Ohuhu said that “since you’ve decided to come to ask me to go and represent you, by the grace of God I’ll not say no to your request”.

Sir Obi Aguocha asked his people to give him little time to consult with critical stakeholders, who are the ones that determine who gets what and how in the political arrangement because it’s not only about Ohuhu’s interest.

“So, we must consult them, even our brothers who are equally interested must be consulted as well. There are people with money but what I’ve is ‘madu ka aku’ so we’ll consult widely. But after consulting all of them and if they declined your request, then I’ll step back for another Ohuhu person, but if they say go ahead then I’m more than ready and capable and by the grace of God what is Ohuhu’s right will not elude us”, he notes.

The Ohuhu Welfare Union President General thanked the people for coming, and maintained that he has been emboldened by the visit which has confirmed that his people are with him. He assured them that once he is out, they can be guaranteed about their destination.

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