Since the inception of the present democracy in 1999, Abia state has been described as unfortunate in terms of who oversees the affairs of the state. This, according to some analysts was because those who mounted political positions were erroneously judged based on their acclaimed philanthropic gestures and subsequent cronysm.

No wonder Abia State has remained stunted in terms of infrastructure development. Of recent enthic dichotomy has worsened the fault lines. The reason behind the stagnation they say was as a result of the parochial nature of the leaders as well as winner take all syndrome.

This failure of leadership has made Abia state a laughing stock among the comity of states. Aba has at different times been described as the dirtiest city in Nigeria while Umuahia the state capital goes with the apellation of a glorified village.

Therefore, as another election year approches, Abians must be politically alert to their responsibilities especially in electing the next governor. Wary of bad governance, Abians are looking beyond ethnicity, even party, to elect a man/woman with sound pedigree and good track record of chatacter.

High Chief Ikechi Emenike, falls into this category, as he has over the years shown that his major interest for joining politics is to transform lives and improve the infrastructural architecture of the state.

Emenike, has proved that he is above ethnic sentiments as could be attested to by the many Abians who have enjoyed his unending generosity. He has given several federal appointments to those who may never have dreamed of attaining such positions. Hundreds have been given scholarships, Federal jobs and seed funds to start their own businesses, and he does these without a town crier.

High Chief, as he is popularly called does not believe in given one fish but in teaching people how to catch it. Like many politicians who believe that telling lies is NORMAL, Emenike does not tolerate it. His word is his bond. Neither will a breach acceptable to him. His sense of spartan discipline and sense of punctuality is the stuff of legends. Litle wonder why many who could not cope with his uprightness always find ways to castigate him.

Ordinarily, Ikechi Emenike would not have ventured into the murky waters of politics as politicians are seen as people with no consience, seen as those with no ATOM of truth in them, He sees it that “politics has been messed up because good people refused to join it and left it in the hands of political charlatans”.

Emenike, has shown character and tenacity after joining a party that many people in his state adjudged differently in 2015. Despite all that, he continued to forge ahead using his hard earned resources to stablize and mobilize the people while giving them hope. It is on record that he was the only chieftain of APC that tranversed all the 17 local government areas canversing support for the re-election bid of President Mohammadu Buhari. An act that earned the party considerable votes making it the main opposition party in the state.

Apart from his dedication and commitment to the Abia cause, he is a consummate technocrat and a compassionate leader whom the plight of the people touches. Emenike is a graduate of Economics from University of Jos with career paths that are stable, traceable and verifiable.

He was a public servant, former University lecturer, former Editor and a publisher. High Chief Emenike was Editor of now defunct New Breed magazine, very popular in the 70s and 80s. He was also Editor with West Coast Communications Limited, Publisher’s of Bilingual Business in ECOWAS.

In 1990, Emenike established Development Economic Resources Limited (DER LTD), publishers of African Economy Magazine, the official publication of the World Bank/IMF, the African Development Bank, the African Union and Commonwealth.

At this point in the political history of Abia only a man with experience, a man with the milk of kindness, a man of truth, incapable of looting and sharing of state resources can rescue Abia. Many say High Chief Ikechi Emenike is not the man Abia compromising politicians and looters want but he is what Abia masses NEED to rescue the state.

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