…APC Stakeholders Urge Others.

Since the inception of the current democracy in 1999, report has it that no Ngwa man or woman let alone Obingwa person has ever been elected a member of the National Working Committee, NWC of any major National political party in Nigeria.

Speaking at his country home, the National Welfare Officer of APC and former governorship aspirant, barrister Friday N. Nwosu, said that against all odds and expectations High Chief Ikechi Emenike found an Ngwa man worthy to occupy such an exalted position in any major political party.

Narrating the process leading to his emergence, the legal luminary stated that the majority of Abia stakeholders were against him but Emenike encouraged him all the way and at the end his name appeared in the national consensus list. “When I started the race no one gave me a chance. At a point I wanted to withdraw but Emenike always urged me on. He stood by me and showed that his love for Ngwa nation has no limit. The good news was that at the end God gave us victory. He achieved this feat when he is yet to be governor, then imagine what will happen if he becomes the governor. That is why I am calling on all of us including those eyeing the governorship position to step down and queue behind him by joining forces with him”, he said.

The former governorship aspirant, FN Nwosu, assured Emenike of the total support of Ngwa stakeholders and promised to convoke an enlarged meeting to thank him for his show of love to Ngwa Nation.

Though the meeting was originally supposed to be between Emenike and stakeholders of Obingwa, but crowd turned out in there numbers to welcome a man they described as their benefactor. According to Abia state deputy chairman of APC, Chief Grant Nwogu, the turn out was as a result of the unprecedented thing he did for them.

Chief Grant Nwogu, who just served out his tenure as a board member of a Federal Agency courtesy of High Chief Emenike, enjoined the people to go get their PVCs, ” the only way we can show our appreciation and love to Ikechi Emenike is to get our PVCs, ensure we massively vote for him on election day and protect the votes. I know him very well if he emerges as Abia state governor, Abia and Abians will be the better for it”. He said.

On his part, High Chief Ikechi Emenike, thanked the people of Obingwa especially those who came out to receive him. He therefore, assured them of his determination to make life better for them and Abians in general, stressing that non – payment of salary as at when due, owing of gratuity and pensions, unemployment and infrastructure decay affects every body notwithstanding where one live in the state or the party you belong to, hence he called on everyone to join hands with him to redeem Abia state. ” What Abia needs today is not zoning as it has not helped us at all, what we need today is the best man for the job, a person with the requisite competence, compassion, knowledge and connection to move the state forward. “Bad roads affect every body, I spent 5 hours on the road from Ugwunagbo to Umuahia, this is bad and very painful. Let us put sentiments aside and push bad governance out of our system. I enjoin you to work in unity so as to attract more members. We must win the coming election”. He stressed

Emenike, reminded them of the good old days when Abia state used to be a hub for productive industries that created employment. Consular offices and commercial sections of embassies were located in Aba. Some people travelled to South Korea without visiting Lagos for visas. “The worst thing that can happen to parents is for them to continue feeding their children after they have either graduated from University or from where they went to learn a trade. Abians have found themselves in a very painful situation and we need to collectively change it. Singapore and Dubai was built in our life time, who says Abia cannot be grater if we harness, for example, the tailoring potentials and other skills in Aba, it can generate a lot of jobs and funds for the development of our state. Who says that military and para military quartermaster supplies cannot be produced in Aba. We must build blocks of development without which government cannot do anything. I assure you that if given the chance to govern Abia state, all facets of our economy, all nooks and crannies of our state will receive positive impact. Teachers, pensioners and civil servants will not be owed”. He vowed.

Those in attendance include the state chairman, Dr Kingsley Ononogbu, his deputy Chief Grant Nwogu, the National Welfare Officer, barrister Friday N Nwosu, state woman Leader Chief Mrs Lilian Nwadiuto, Rev Sam Shoki Ekeledo, Hon Obilor Ogbonna among others.

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