“To lead the people,walk behind them”
Lao Tsu.

When the passion to serve overwhelms personal considerations,it becomes a patriotic ideal.Unfortunately, these days,we are contending with politics of stomach infrastrusture where elected officials have served their interests and pockets at the expense of the electorate.
But we have in our midst,an affable,genial patriot who emerged to right the wrongs of our pitiable,fetid pasts.

No doubt,Ohuhu has suffered a cheerless, representation deficits so far in all government dispositions.
They have been shortchanged serially in the scheme of things.

Time to re-write this sordid narrative!

As Barrister Ugochukwu Ikpo comes alive with Ohuhu’s legislatve rejuvenation,we should all rise up in one accord and share in this dream of giving Ohuhu a new filip.He has the blueprint in place to address the myriad challenges facing the Ohuhu’s political space.

We are upbeat and undaunted by the House of Assembly candidature of Barrister Ugochukwu Ikpo for verifiable reasons.
He remains untainted by the pervasive greed of the contemporary politicians,yet he has vigour,verve and zestful,young age to his credit.
Barrister Ugochukwu Ikpo,the APGA House of Assembly aspirant has come to vent a lifting energy to Umuahia North State(Ohuhu) Constituency that have been gasping for breath.
The task is a humongous one but achievable.

We shall agree no less with Elbert Hubbard who opined thusly,’The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can’t be done is usually interrupted by the man doing it’s(On quote).The man to do it for the moment is here with us.
Barrister Ugochukwu Ikpo is readily poised and has been amply equipped for the service to his people.
Time to join him in restoring the dwindling legislative fortunes of Ohuhu people in the ABHA.
The time is now!

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