“Those who are skilled in combat do not become angered,those who are skilled at winning do not become afraid.Thus,the wise win before the fight,while the ignorant fight to win”.
O Sensei Ueshiba

At the advent of this unfolding political dispensation,the Ohuhu political space has been inundated with a lot of gimmicks, grandstand and tales in the moonlight.
Host of aspirants in the race for the Ohuhu House of Assembly seat have manufactured utopian handouts and vain philosophies to misguide Ndi Ohuhu in their choice for a plausible candidate in ABHA.

Few disgruntled among them surmised that they can appeal to Ohuhu voting conscience by flaunting a depleted papal legacy.

Rehoboam,as the book of 1 Kings 12:1:18 recorded met the stiffest opposition to ride on the crest of his late father, Solomon.
It is instructive to note here that Rehoboam wrongly assumed that his father’s dynasty can effortlessly consolidate his kingship,but he was dead wrong.
However,in our Ohuhu contemporary politics,many have erroneously assumed that any political upstart can emerge by unwittingly forcing the voting populace to think that he can excel by brandishing a family legacy that has lost it’s content and value .

As the story of Rehoboam progresses,he was so infatuated with taking advice from inconsequential elements of his time that subsequently jeopardized his chances of putting together all that his father laboured to build.

Conversely,such scenario has replicated itself in our present Ohuhu politics where one self styled anointed candidate had thrown caution to the wind and had conferred electoral success to himself,even before the elections,on a shallow premise that they have the name of Solomon as a father.

Ultimately, because of a bailable arrogance, Solomon’s dynasty lost the throne of a united,cohesive Israeli kingdom,no thanks to the tough talking Rehoboam.

Today,in Ohuhu we are painfully faced with such a scenario.We have a candidate in a hallucinating spree,who has concluded that a family’s name is the only catch that can win election for him.Rehoboam’s system of wishful thinking!

In our march to enthrone a viable candidate for Ohuhu’s voice in ABHA,we are ruefully on a crossroad: We have in our hands a conceited candidate who was so inebriated with fatuous pomposity of riding on a declining name.To him,a father’s name can get him to the House of Assembly.Little did he know that presently people are no longer interested in infantile assumptions.
Ohuhu people are tilted to vote for people with solid and verifiable achievements and not to vote for moribund surnames that can never put foods on their tables or change their ugly narratives.

Rehoboam was stripped of his kingship because of his false carriage and grandstand.His entire kingdom was irretrievably partitioned and given to distant man from the throne.

High Chief Chris Akachukwu Nwa Abia has been anointed to take over from the Rehoboam of Ohuhu’s misery and squalor.
Ohuhu needs a clean slate to depart from the negative tendencies and influence from the Rehoboam of Ohuhu politics.

Time to support High Chief Chris Akachukwu Nwa Abia to take us to the new virgin lands of prosperity in ABHA.

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