Chris Akachi Nwa Abia: Between Personal Interests And Humanity…… Isingwu Ofeme declares him

Chris Akachi Nwa Abia: Between Personal Interests And Humanity…… Isingwu Ofeme declares him

Leaders of integral kinsmen in isingwu Ofeme one of the four blocks that made up the clan, Mr Uche mmadu ibeakanma Chairman, Chika ibeakanma the youth leader and Mrs Ezeagwula as women leader including the village head Chief Chukwuma Amadi
In an suspicious way received their son Chris Akachi Nwa Abia, reiterate to join other blocks in Ofeme to vote massively for him.
The kinsmen led by their men, women and youth leaders respectfully said that isingwu is one, adding that they adopt Nwa Abia following his antecedents and love for Ohuhu land.

For one who is not given to telling the public about the good he does, whether for individual or collective benefits, many, especially in the Ohuhu polity, would likely only identify a somewhat hyper-luck laced with grace as what has sustained him in political relevance for a little over two decades by him becoming a candidate. However, for some others with sufficient knowledge of him, there are other factors through which he has laboured over the years for the visible success that has manifested today.

His unhidden love for education has earned him a noble place among notable social entrepreneurs, owing to the sacrificial financial commitments he has made in private towards encouraging academic pursuits. With a financial ability to build an academic institution of high standards that can rake in financial fortunes to his personal coffers, he had rather chosen build one that is tuition free, and in a location targeting the underprivileged citizens, so as to give them a taste of what the standard.

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