OHUHU2023: Good and Great People, Behold Your Next House of Assembly member, Chris Akachi Nwa Abia.

OHUHU2023: Good and Great People, Behold Your Next House of Assembly member, Chris Akachi Nwa Abia.

Ndi Ohuhu, as the House of Assembly campaigns commence all over the country on the 12 of October 2022, and as we are set for another House of Assembly elections by next year to rewrite our collective history, let us support a developmental oriented, an energetic achiever endowed with experience to lead and consolidate on the gains of the already established Industrialization Agenda of former eastern region premier in the past years.

The kind of House of Assembly member required to bring good governance in Umuahia North State Constituency from where the predecessors stopped is “Chris Akachi Nwa Abia”, a celebrated Entrepreneur with feasible impact, a man with a burning desire to deliver dividends of democracy to our people. He is also a man with “Can Do” spirit of patriotism and the one who will deliver on his blue print within the time frame of 4 years.

It could be recalled that in many years he had been serveing in community areas as need arises. Chris Akachi Nwa Abia, was noted as the best man who can consolidate on industrialization mantra as a man with his people’s mandate which would foster sustainable development of Ohuhu clan.

Chris Akachi Nwa Abia as Ohuhu representative will give Ohuhu land a New-face-lift that her citizens will be proud of and set an unprecedented pace of development that will make incoming House members to work harder in order to outshine his performance. This is because he will leave no stone unturned in keeping to his campaign promises as he has started working.

His blue print is implementable and achievable within 4 years and will reinvigorate, catapult Ohuhu land to compete favourably with a developed places like Lagos, Rivers and Kano with a viable economy. It’s not an impossible blue print as we have witnessed from different leaders in successive governments.

In him, we will have a humble House member. Chris Akachi Nwa Abia is a man with listening ears and a man who has his ears on ground to hear directly from the people and immediately proffer basic solution to the issues and challenges dotting across the sands of the land.

He’s a wealth creator who will drastically reduce unemployment rate by providing enabling environment and infrastructural renaissance that would make investments, businesses and companies to thrive.

His coming will be a representative of the people, by the people and for the people in tandem with the definition of democracy. The time has come for Ndi Ohuhu to choose a competent leader over boastfulness, egotism, arrogance and mediocrity irrespective of political party.

It is time to vote a tested and trusted candidate who will run a transparent government and also carry all the wards, block areas along in his representation through implementation of developmental projects. A man who will not only be a House member to his VILLAGE, but a House of Assembly member who will serve “Ohuhu land” and see everybody as one.

It is assurance that Chris Akachi Nwa Abia’s achievements within his tenure in office as our representative will be visible for people to see and feel. It will not be what one can only see on the pages of Newspapers and Billboards as in the case of successive.

There will be massive holiday jobs for students with good earnings, which will diminish the temptations attached to idleness and involuntary joblessness during holidays.

Chris Akachi Nwa Abia is not just aspiring to be a House of Assembly member. He wants to leave a legacy for history to be kind with him and ensure that whoever wants to govern Ohuhu will have no option than to work harder in order to compete and surpass his feat, this is an obvious truth.

Ndi Ohuhu, it is the time we eschew party sentiments and vote a competent candidate, because the person who is contesting under the APP platform is our own brother who was born and raised amongst us here. He lives with us, he truly believes in the progress of an average well-meaning Ohuhu person.

The future we desire Is now, our tomorrow starts today, don’t Be cajoled or deceived by enemies of the our land using party sentiment.

Nwokonna Emmanuel;
Voice from Ofeme

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