“There is no way to make people like change.You can make them less threatened by it”
Frederick Hayes

King Louis 14 was a medieval ruler in France.He and his adorable wife, Antoine administered France with iron fist.

During his reign all the basic life indices collapsed,social amenities dilapidated and the cost of living became so unbearable that poverty and hunger were elevated as a national project.

There was a general disenchantment in the land.
Ironically the king and his queen were ensconced in comfort at the palace whereas the greater number of their subjects wallowed in abject penury.
However this scenario can be attributed to the present state of affairs in our country now.
While these greedy politicians lived in opulence while the Nigerian masses made a pact with poverty and hunger.

A sad commentary indeed!

Back to France,the overwhelming discontent came to a boiling point when the least staple food which the traumatized masses can afford,bread, became scarce.
French women in their thousands marched to Paris to protest selfish leadership.
This peaceful demonstration turned out ugly when the king ordered that these women be shot.
The aftermath of the showdown was disastrous as it finally snowballed into the famous ‘French revolution’
Scarcity of bread turned out to be the factor that triggered the overthrow of a bad government in France.
Subsequently, the French oppressed society violently voted for a decisive change and France never remained a totalitarian state again after the revolt of the oppressed against their oppressors.

Nwa-Abia Movement is borne out of the genuine desire to interrogate the leadership failure question in our society.
It’s cardinal catchment areas is to re-invent our minds to reject in it’s totality, bad and clueless governance in all the three tiers of government.

It is no longer news that Nigeria is being raped serially by selfish leaders who have seen governance as a medium that will facilitate them to steal the nation blind.

Abia state,as a cursory example showcases all the negative leadership questions that have impacted sorely on the citizenry.
We watch in utter astonishment as Abia has inherited all the negative qualifications for stunted growth.
Abia still remains a toddler in all its ramifications.

High Chief Chris Akachukwu Nwa-Abia, the initiator of this movement has never given anybody the opportunity to question his commitment and zeal to effect a desirable change.

Nwa-Abia Movement has come to stay to eliminate those sordid tendencies that have long defined us as people.

The change to make democratic dividends reachable and affordable to our people is just the gospel according to Nwa Abia Movement.
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