Umuahia North State Constituency is on an ambitious journey of having a global impact for a safe and sustainable future, growing a viable, self sustaining state Constituency and developing new and viable markets through developmental projects, It is a journey that requires excellent leadership, flawless management and
the hard work of every stakeholder in the Ohuhu Project. It requires above all a House member with the right disposition and brain capacity to lead the state Constituency. My best pick from the pool of Candidates jostling to take over from the incumbent is High Chief Chris Akachi Nwa Abia.

Being the House member of Umuahia North state Constituency is beyond just having talent. It is beyond street popularity. It is beyond beauty and personal accolades. It is beyond accumulating so much stolen wealth from government coffers.

It is beyond recognition and award by familiarity based on collegial association. Rather, it is based on exemplary profile, outstanding credential, performance pedigree,
discipline, social attributes, social etiquettes, past/present achievements and experiences, integrity, professionalism, modernization, flexibility and tolerance to embrace constructive criticism.

Chris Akachi Nwa Abia a Performer, an Achiever, a renowned and Credentialed private sector Manager, an Agent, an
Apostle of Transformation and
Sustainable Development, an
internationally recognized Investor, a seasoned Technocrat,
one of the most sought-after in his profession worldwide, is one whose feet I may say, have best fitted the only shoe size of the Umuahia North State Constituency.

The quality of leadership, more than any other single factor, determines the success or failure of an organisation. To lead is to inspire, to influence and to initiate productive change within people and processes as we move toward our vision.

Being a leader means determination
to create a path rather than following others. It means setting a direction
and continuously looking for new
solutions to the ever-changing needs and expectations around us.

This way the leader, like Nwa Abia will contribute to a stronger image,
reputation and credibility of Ohuhu while we continue to providing value to our stakeholders.

Chris Akachi Nwa Abia’s leadership expectations are embodied in creating value, driving positive change, bringing out the best in people, being accountable, being
tough-minded and fair and being loyal beyond personal interest. His open and outstanding
record can proof this claim.

Nwa Abia has a great personality. He is sympathetic,
empathetic, steady, kind, assertive, integrous, proficient, efficient, competent, aggressive, experienced, intelligent, mature, humble, attentive, generous, God fearing, broken, educated, honest, trust worthy, loyal, not greedy, and modernized. These are
attributes of a great leader.
High Chief Chris Akachi Nwa Abia’s life and
achievements have laid down the blue print or the foundation of what is to come for the people of Ohuhu in the near future, but one that without a doubt, will drum Ohuhu entrepreneurship and massive development scheme on the center stage of global industrialization.

Nwa Abia is ready to build Ohuhu beyond the blue print of current infrastructural
developments laid down by the
visionary and superior performer, to massive urban creation and developments throughout
the clan.

Nwa Abia cannot wait to
enhance youth empowerment in Umuahia North State Constituency through massive Educational Training
and Investment opportunities geared towards massive Job Creation, and Employments of jobless ones
indigenes, including those in the

Ohuhu is ready to embrace massive Industrialization, Human
Resource Development and Creation of Middle Class Economy, Healthcare
Transformation through
Implementation of Innovative
Healthcare Delivery Systems, Building of Modern Hospitals and Modernization of Existing Infrastructures, Construction of New Urban and Rural
Roads and Settlements, and the
Expansion of Existing Roads and
settlements, improvement of Water treatments Plants, Environmental Control and Management, and Face-
lifting of dilapidated state government structures throughout the Constituency.

This is what Nwa Abia stands for; a man passionately waiting to take Umuahia North State Constituency through the 21 st Century having been challenged by superior performance and completion agenda schemes.

Ohuhu does not lack the raw ingredients to brew to transform us into an eminently prosperous society . We have them aplenty.

There is a landmass that competes with the size of many countries. This implies that size isn’t essentially the issue. There is more to owning a treasure.

On this score also, I discern that to have large human resources is not the magic wand for the greatness of a State Constituency. Something in the form of a direction must come along.
Matching this dynamic population
input in the mix is a rich potpourri of our cultural diversity coupled with an impressive array of investment potentials that can spin us hard currency , local and foreign investments and jobs if the Ohuhu finds its way into the hands of a visionary and committed leader .

But one more time, as it is with the other resources we have mentioned, something vital is missing and making the system malfunction tragically .
Ditto for politics. We can truly boast of fulfilling all the righteousness of the
political process: periodic elections, party primaries, going
on the hustings to campaign, voter registration, massive media
enlightenment on polling.

Yet the majority of the people don’t enjoy the dividends of democracy for who all these mammoth motions and rituals are performed.
Again the sad refrain: something is missing! What is the problem and where is it? Certainly the
problem is not in our stars. It is in the calibre of leadership.

Nwa Abia is that leader who has not only demonstrated a capacity for creative thinking; his resource management capability is evident from his work.

The new song is Pastor Chris Akachi Nwa Abia and every man, woman, youth and child is singing it with joy and ecstasy. Welcome to a new world, welcome to the golden era ! Where everything in Ohuhu will be made golden.

Nwokonna Emmanuel.
Voice from Ofeme

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