Abia PDP, Ikpeazu’s Govt Have Disappointed Millions of Abians…… Ama Abraham

Abia PDP, Ikpeazu’s Govt Have Disappointed Millions of Abians…… Ama Abraham

After reading a piece written by Hon. Elder Abraham Amah, Abia PDP Vice Chairman/ acting Publicity Secretary I settled into a chair, with my head thrust back, wondering if the man knows the true meaning of indecent as regards fashion. Plus, having written about Abia APGA, in all sincerity, has given him the picture of an interloper. Instead of accepting that Abia PDP and the government of Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu have disappointed millions of Abians, he took a pen off the table and fulminated against the Director General of Prof. Greg Ibe Campaign Council. The diatribe against the words of Barr. Longman Nwachukwu is a clear indication that the lawyer had exposed the happenings in the Party, which can only be seen in a cult group.

The calumniation and insistence on indecency had made me to reach out for a dictionary, but was disappointed in Hon. Abraham Amah when I read the true meaning of indecent. There is need for me to ask a pertinent question that will expose his ignorance, but because I have milk of human kindness foró him, I have decided to help him learn so that he can become a better Abian intellectually. Indecent means showing parts of the body that are “usually covered”. Then I ask: “Which part of Barr. Longman Nwachukwu’s body did Hon. Abraham see?” What is the difference between a short-sleeved shirt and a sleeveless shirt?

As a matter of fact, He saw his hands and decided to toe the path of denigration, and the vitriol, in actuality, was unbecoming of an executive member of a dying political party. Without mincing words, his ability to utter imprecations, when Barr. Longman had only emphasized gravely on the true nature of Abia PDP, shows how wounded Hon. Abraham is, at the moment. And he is incensed by the truth Barr. Longman Nwachukwu had said about the PDP, because he has benefitted from the rotten system. What has one’s dressing got to do with his character?

Straight to the point, Hon. Abraham’s sense of reasoning has made me to question the trainings he had received in the University, if truly he had attended one. Maybe his machination was to put the cat among the pigeons, but a few members of Abia APGA are far more reasonable than members of Abia PDP put together hence the polite response. And let it sink into his head that Barr. Longman Nwachukwu doesn’t claim to be the Director General of Prof. Greg Ibe Campaign Council. Rather, he is, truly, the Director General of Prof. Greg Ibe campaign organization. Therefore, Hon. Abraham is expected to accord him some respect, because he wears a cap that fits him.

As it stands, Prof. Greg Ibe is still the Gubernatorial Candidate of All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) in Abia state, unless an Appellate Court upholds the judgement of Abuja High Court. And because a Chief Chikwe Udensi had deceived the Court, the judgement will not pass the sincere assessment of Court of Appeal Judges. Certainly, a positive judgement is in the offing which will nip in the bud the machinations of Chief Udensi’s unpatriotic sponsors, who are enemies of new Abia.

In retrospect, it was the availability of a stay of execution that helped Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu to retain his position as Governor, after a Court of Appeal had dismissed the judgement of Abia State Electoral Tribunal. Did Hon. Abraham question his position as a Governor, after he had secured a stay of execution? I will be kind enough to take Hon. Abraham Amah to a lawyer for a tutorial class, since his sense of judgement has failed him. For the fact Prof. Greg Ibe has secured a stay of execution, he is still the Gubernatorial Candidate of APGA, until an Appellate Court rules on the matter.

In Abia APGA, Rev. Ehiemere remains the State Chairman of the Party, and had performed his role on Friday last week, when the National Chairman of APGA was present for the inauguration of Prof. Greg Ibe Campaign Council. Where was the impostor who claims to be the State Chairman of APGA? Why didn’t he show his face, knowing full well that the National Chairman of the Party was present in the arena? As a matter of fact, the very presence of the National Chairman of APGA at the inauguration of Prof. Greg Ibe Campaign Council has proved beyond every reasonable doubt that the Party is strongly behind Prof. Greg Ibe, who has remained pertinacious, his candidacy not in doubt. I am very sanguine about his victory, for he will surely weather the storm.

It is unfortunate, if not shameful, that the governor of Abia state has remained insensitive to the plights of Abians to the extent of receiving an award from his counterpart in Rivers state, who has left the imprints of his feet in the sands of time, given his great strides in infrastructural development. In Abia, unfortunately, workers are starving to death, because the Governor has refused to pay them arrears of salary. The debacle of educational and health sectors in the State should be of serious concern to Hon. Abraham, if his conscience is still alive. Sadly, the Governor is less bothered about the untold hardship that has, hitherto, turned some Abians into beggars. What then has he been doing with the monthly allocation that comes from Abuja? What about the 13% derivation? Is he the kind of man that should represent Abia South in the Senate?

To worsen the situation, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu went ahead to anoint Prof. Uche Ikonne as his candidate, and subsequently, made him the gubernatorial candidate of the Party. But, lately, the anointed candidate of Dr. Okezie hasn’t been seen in official gatherings, and Abians have continued to ask questions about his whereabout. The well-being of Prof. Uche Ikonne is paramount. And I expect Hon. Abraham Amah to tell Abians of Prof. Uche Ikonne’s whereabouts, without uttering fallacious comments, as he had done severally in the past.

Allegedly, Prof. Uche Ikonne was hurriedly whisked off Umuahia Stadium on Thursday 24 November, during the flag off of his own guber campaigns. If the news making the rounds is anything to go by then nemesis is definitely a bad pay master. Me wonders, could this be another case of what someone wished another happening to him? However, according to the chirping of a bird by my window, it is good that Prof. Uche Ikonne has been flown to the UK for medical treatment.
The only solution to Abia’s myriad of problems is Prof. Greg Ibe of APGA, who has solid assurance of winning the governorship election. Abians should therefore continue to support him without wavering since he remains the fastest road of arriving at a new Abia that will be free from the baggages, encumbrances and excuses of the cult infested PDP.

Ugochukwu Asiegbu writes from Aba.

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