The Imperative of PVCs and change we desire in Abia state

The Imperative of PVCs and change we desire in Abia state

As the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) commenced the distribution of Permanent Voters Cards PVCs across Nigeria in preparation for the 2023 general election , people of Abia state are seriously advised to pick their PVCs for a genuine and the desired change.

We need genuine change in our state,we desire quality leaders in the state to leap jump our economic and social development, especially in human capital. The state has suffered much deprivation as result of uncaring government and leaderships.

Change does not come by mere permutations but by purposeful engagement,which the PVCs offer to us now .
The PVC is the only instrument that qaulifies one to partake in the decision of electing those who govern our country and states.

Without the PVC,one will only be Spectator in choosing leaders,and if one does not participate in the process of electing credible leaders,he/she has lost the right to complian about bad governance bedeviling Abia state .

In Abia state, since the return to democratic government in 1999,the state has maintained and remained loyal to one party ,the PDP that is not loyal to Abians .
Instead of the party initiating a purposeful development had consciously/ unconsciously stagnated and even retrogressed the state development. The only happy people in Abia state today are those at the corridor of power.

The Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) in the state with impunity has destroyed those values cherished by the good people of Abia state, such as hard work, ethical value and good engagement for survival,they have collapsed the system in the state just to subjugate the people.
Today ,the spirit of hard work among Civil servants are dead in the state, because they are not motivated, workers hardly go to work because the state government do not pay ,and do not care about their welfare. Workers are not paid just like ,those who spent their youthful time serving the state are not paid their pensions . These are the people who energetically provided for the growth of the present leadership in the State .

The only happy working people in the state today are those who distribute Federal government allocations in the state at the end of every month .

Immediately, allocation is released to the state,they will rush to their offices and share them according to the directive of power that be.
They share to those who use the resources to buy houses in Dubai,building institutions in Ghana and others countries of the world ,leaving the poor youths in the state to wallow in confusion and despondence.
In the sharing of the FG’s allocation, workers are not considered for their legitimate earnings/ payment,hence accumulations of arrears in the state.
They carry out their acts, without giving thought about the youths development, health sector, education, roads and others things of life.

They succeeded in keeping the state down for barely 24 years because of the system of voting in Nigeria, system where votes of voters do not count in the selection process of leaders.

They have feasted on this inglorious election process and used it to perpetuate themselves in office and partitioned the state for their family members and cronies.
They give power to whoever that can do their biddings and not the wishes of Abians.
They give power to those that please them,those who are ready do their biddings, without caring about the welfare of about four mullions Abians.

Methinks,these leaders were not elected by the Abia masses but by those who claimed they have conquered the people of Abia state. The major problem of the state remains leadership not being accountable to people but to those who foisted them us .

Shall we continue in this government of masses/ citizens exclusion? Inglorious governance. Government where workers are not paid ,where bad educational institutions are littered every where in names of schools. Shall we continue with a system that does not encourage intellectual and human capital development? Shall we continues with a government that consciously improvise the workers,pensioners and Abians?
No. This is the time ,to think disruptively and come out of the cage these people have placed the citizens of Abia state since 1999.

And the only way to have the desire change we dream is for us to go and collect our PVCs,make sure we participate actively in process of electing those who govern us this time.
The PVCs and Bimodal Voter’s Accreditation System, BVAS provide us with a great opportunity of letting our votes count in this 2023 general election. We must not mess up with this opportunity. The PVCs BVAS provide us with opportunity of real participation in electioneering process in the country.
PVCs and BVAS afford us the golden opportunity to be a part of the process that will produce leaders for us and we must not joke with it.
I know,they are working on how to subvert the process,but with our determination and God on outside they will not succeed this time.

We must not allow these people this time to use the opportunity of uncollected PVCs to foist their stooge on us again . We must go out and be patient to collect our PVCs. We know they will hide some of PVCs for the purpose of reenacting their traditional imposition.

Abia state is God’s own state ,we must reclaim it for God . And for us to reclaim the state,we must stand up and demand and work towards that , knowing that faith without works is dead . We must back our prayers with dedication to work and to resist any material thing that can influence our judgment negatively in this election .
We must think home and think about a party that is home grown, the only party with Igbo identity,the All Progressive Grand Alliance APGA.
APGA is founded on Igbo value creed, philosophy . Nkeabunkenyi mantra is real .

Titus Eleweke
A National Media Award (NMA) winning Journalist

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