The Young Progressives Party, YPP has again raised the red-flag, exposing the dubious schemes by Akwa Ibom State Government to rig the forthcoming General Election. It specifically pointed at the unholy alliance between INEC and Udom-led government.

The party, through its state Chairman, Apostle Nyenime Andy, said on February 2, 2023 that the “latest abnormality is that INEC in the state has jettisoned the online recruitment of Adhoc staff as copiously advertised for the forthcoming elections and, instead, blatantly received a list directly from Governor Udom Emmanuel-led administration for the purpose”.

The questions are: what is INEC’s interest? When an umpire is biased in a game, does that not suggest a premeditated outcome? Why should Udom and PDP continue to spend Akwa Ibom billions to seek undue advantage over the opposition they claim is not a threat? Or are they admitting, like Martha’s Udom did recently, that “YPP is consequential”, thus giving them sleepless nights?

Though YPP is relatively new, it is the fastest growing and most formidable party confronting PDP. Yet, whereas PDP exploits rigging tactics, YPP relies on the democratic principles of number – the people! The forthcoming election in the state will therefore be a battle between popular ballot, supported by the masses, and the rejected cabal of PDP.

There is no doubt that because of the unpopularity of Governor Udom Emmanuel, PDP has resorted to and relies solely on dubious schemes in attempt to impose a controversial stooge on the masses. Nevertheless, PDP will fail woefully as YPP is sure to spring a surprise.

But, our right-thinking voters must be reassured that all the rigging efforts of PDP shall amount to nonsense as the majority of electorate at each of the polling booths accross the state resists foul play.

The masses must also vigilant to resist PDP’s planned plot to crookedly manipulate results in the data collection machine. Stay watchful, reject compromise and sincerely work against result fraud s at each unit. Vote-buying must not influence your conscience.

Having failed woefully to impress positively on the citizens over the past years, we learnt the remaining option left for Udom and PDP to battle against a disgraceful defeat by the overwhelming troop of ballot revolution is vote-buying.

However, with the present woes suffered by the masses vote-buying is dead on arrival. It can’t save PDP! That is because, nobody in his right senses would vote for PDP, despite last-minute inducements. Only a numbskull would desire the “continuity” of hunger, poverty and suffering under another oppressive, non-caring and anti-people “ least qualified”.

No doubt, billions of the 13% derivation arrears refund, which ought to be used for the citizens’ social and economic wellbeing, have been channelled towards the dubious imposition scheme. In almost 8 years, Udom has inflicted mass suffering on Akwa Ibomites, so any monetary inducement now is payment for the previous jobs done, from our commonwealth.

2023 General Election is a season of revenge on the anti-people cabal for years of neglect of citizens. They will now throw the stolen billions around freely. Hold your ground and prove to them that you are no more fools.

From all positive yardsticks of assessment, so far, YPP has become in only dependable alternative to the deceiving party.
OBA is the only dependable governorship candidate, tested and trusted, to deliver robust dividends of good governance when elected as the next governor. He is on the ballot to win, overwhelmingly.

OBA has exceptional leadership capacity, he cares about the citizens’ welfare and has demonstrated love for the masses in many different ways. So let’s vote for YPP; vote for OBA; vote for the green leaves in this unstoppable ballot revolution.

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